Monday, October 24, 2016

Sept 13 - 2016

I'm sitting here in the cold draft of a nightmare soon-to-be over.  The air is as thick as the thieves while vultures circle overhead,waiting for my departure.  The vultures I speak of  can't help their narcissism.  They were surely born with a penchant for stealing souls, corralling their victims into their bottomless well to draw from when they needed power.  I am not a victim.  I am light, I am Presence, I have a soul that is bound with chords of strength and grace.  I am captivated by a nack for survivng - surprised, but not surprised, by every feat of compassion beyond measure I've endured.  I will beat her vampire sucking spirit to the ground with my courage and grace.  I am Leah Morrah.

The life she took was merciless.  A Sensless act of irresponsibility, which in some cultures, she would be killed for killing.  Some cultures would muzzle the perpitrator.  I would like to hold the vision of both the deadly dog and it's merciless owner to be muzzled, but again...I,m on an energy saving spree, not an energy mindfuck.   My boy didn't ask for anything but love and time in the sun.  There was no reason for him to die, as he was the epitome of all Things Beautiful in this World. But what if it's a message of something greater? What if the gods were protecting him from something much worse?  What could Be worse, I guess, would take an unnescessary shit load of energy I need to preserve in a bottle; a jar for emotional emergencies only.  To waste time and convert energy molecules into sad ones is just not practical.  I am a rounded emotional being tying to fit myself in a squared practical hole.  ouch.

I Know I have angels watching over me.  Mark the Mighty swooping in and saving the day ! ... he definitely needs a cape :)  A little Indian woman, Rekha, showing me ways to channel my strength, inviting me to festivals celebrating Life. The simple beauty of a small Hindu temple.   G & I swaying to words we can't read or pronounce, but understood just the same.   The music may be in a foreign tongue, but still felt and recognized as Spirit moving through us.   A message from Spirit to grab what Is and run from what Is Not.  

If I can continue to successfully peel these layers of fear from my being, all will be revealed.  I've been bathing in a sea of victim this and worry that for years.  Now is the time to get naked.  Now is the time for my true form to take root.  Now is the time for Love as strong as steel and as smooth as silk to envelope my naked body and clothe it in robes rich in wisdom and purpose.  This is my time.

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