Monday, August 31, 2009

3rd step

I forged this journey thinking I would become intuitive overnight and clean up my
act -yesterday. That hasn't been the case, but what I am becoming more acutely aware of, is that when someone wants to blame me for their own shortcomings, I don't have to own it. I can give it back, even if it means potentially losing that person to their own egocentricities. ( I know I just blended Eccentricities with Ego - because after all, aren't our quirky traits and isms what fuels the Ego?) I've always been one to point out how not to lose your Power over a situation, but when it comes to taking my own advice, for some reason I cannot decipher the Crazy Cantonese language in my head. I did begin this entry hyping up my epiphany, so for my "one" follower of this blog, I will take you off your seat of pins and needles. These excerpts are from an author that is much wiser than myself.
But the moment our mental or emotional independence is in question, how differently we behave. How persistently we claim the right to decide all by ourselves just what we shall think and just how we shall act.
Our fight for independence is proportional to our yearning for intimacy with other people . The need to be needed sometimes overshadows our yearning to be independant and stronger than anyone else on the Planet. Walk Tall, Stand Alone, blah blah blah. Machismo should be left for Steve McQueen! Wanting someone in your life doesn't necessarily trump your cool vibrato.Oh yes, we'll weigh the pros and cons of every problem. We'll listen politely to those who would advise us, but all the decisions are to be ours alone. Nobody is going to meddle with our personal independence in such matters. Besides, we think, there is no one we can surely trust.
Whether we want a relationship with others or ourselves, trust is the key to a successful relationship. The key is - don't be an Indian Giver! Resist the temptation to take the trust
back - hello, let it go, already! Can we resist the temptation to control every angle and really let go and accept advice?
We are certain that our intelligence, backed by willpower, can rightly control our inner lives and guarantee us success in the world we live in. This brave philosophy, wherein each man plays God...

Sometimes our intelligence is too smart to let reality in. Whoever thinks that we should face our adversity alone is an idiot. Again...where is Steve when we need him?!

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