Thursday, September 3, 2009

Save the Last Dance

Okay...enough of the Dark Side. All of the work we do to mold our new lil' psyches should be rewarded. I was invited to go out dancing yesterday - release this damn current of angst and sweat it off on the dance floor! One of my girlfriends likes to go out and dance - not the dancing of my former 80's-spandex-self, but a cleaner, healthier way to trip the Light fantastic. I will let my lone follower know how this ends up - if all my parts work afterward!
Music is my one release that I can safely say I will never have to give up. It soothes the savage beast and ignites passion when I feel like crap on the inside or want to share my happier self with the World. It's been a good bonding agent with people, as talking about tunes is much lighter and more socially acceptable than mooning about the woe-is-me-ness of life.
I've been succumbing to the throws of iTunes lately, swallowing the fact that someone elses greedy revenue stream is about the only way we can enjoy and share music. Ok, don't think about that - just sink into our earbuds and escape. The fact that Jimi Hendrix and Chopin can share equal space in my head is astounding. I would love to research Jimis' music history more and see if he ever did anything remotely Classical. His lyrics are soooo beautiful - he wasn't just some dude on acid. He was Genius. This excerpt is from a great website that deciphers the meaning and derivation of epic songs.
At the time Jimi wrote the song he had had a huge fight with his girlfriend. When it says "Somewhere a queen is weeping, somewhere a king has no wife." he means his girlfriend is crying and he is loveless. Also, he talkes about clowns and jack-in- the-boxes that have gone away, which means there is no more happiness.
Well, boo-hoo. For all the sappy blokes that think Hendrix was just living in a drug-induced fog, that may be right, but he was an incredibly deep and soulful artist that fed his equally mournful audience a whole lotta Good Grief!

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